Spirit away

30.10.2021 Savoy-Teatteri


For Halloween 2021, Betty Fvck welcomes you to a mind-blowing journey to discover the wildest and freakiest art creatures in Circus, Drag and Burlesque.


Are you ready to join our journey? Grab your ticket and be ready to let your spirit be blown away!


The headliners are Marni Scarlet (UK) - Diva of fetishes, Baron (FI/US/EU) - Guinness World Record Holder for heaviest weight lifted by nipples, Michiel Tange van Leeuwen (NL/DK) - International circus sensation, Ginger Synne (DE) - the darkest Star of Burlesque. Together with the local top talents: Rae Renvall, CircEntropia, Hedda Liukkala, Miss Sassy Fierce.

This will be an epic and one-of-a-kind experience for this Halloween. Take your friends, family and loved ones with you and get group tickets with special offers. Remember to dress in-theme for the audience's best dress prizes.


Where: Savoy-Teatteri
When: 20.00 on 30.10.2021


Duration of each show 2,5 h including intermission, the bar is open during intermission.


Age limit: K16

Helsinki drag fest

19.2.2021 Savoy-teatteri

More info coming soon...