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Queerlesque festival

30.9.23 savoy

helsinki drag fest

5-6.4.24 tanssintalo

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What is We Are Queerlesque?
We Are Queerlesque is a Queer and Female empowerment platform in art and culture in Helsinki Finland. It is #bold #diverse and very #queer.


At our events, you will see some of the top talented and inspirational artists in many forms of art: Drag, Burlesque, Circus, Singing, etc. Through this project, we want to raise awareness of and support to the Queer rights and well-being in Finland and to the diversity in the Finnish art scene in terms of people of colours and immigrants. 


Producer, Art director

Betty Fvck is an award-winning POC and immigrant queer artist based in Helsinki. She has performed in over 12 different countries and she was featured on over 50 magazines and TV. She is a voice for POC and Queer art to be heard. 



Backstage Heroine

Stage manager and  event'-organizing Queen. For more than 10 years she has planned events and hosted stages for international communities in Finland and abroad. 

Stay tuned with us

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